Boostberg Digital Solutions

Customer Service Boost

You are in the right place here IF....

You are a customer service representative in your company and

you are looking for improved solutions to keep your clients happy.

You are in the general manager in your company and you want to

 improve the quality of the products and services.

You are a sales/marketing representative and you want

complex information about clients and their issues, requests and expectations.

Success Factors with Boostberg

A better focus on the customers needs and better solutions for raising the customers' satisfaction.


better performance: time and cost efficiency and high level of quality of the customers service

the customers to give better reviews due to higher standards of the customer service supported by A.I.

to focus on the customer needs, having all relevant info available in real time and centralised

to use the dramatic change of communication channels as an advantage


get easy and instant access to customers' profiles (fully or partially)

automise processes with A.I.

relevant suggestions and reports based on A.I.

better and centralised communication with the clients

get suggestions from A.I.

get a learning experience based on A.I.

building up the Learning Knowledge Management

be able to automatise repetitive tasks/processes with the help of A.I.

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