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You are in the right place here IF....

You are an online shop owner, a sales manager or a marketer and you want to

know your clients better and offer 24/7 support.

You are aware of the high competition on the market and you know that

serving the clients in a different, better way can make the difference.

You are directly involved in sales, customer service and online marketing and

you need innovative  approaches and solutions for the new generation of customers.

Success Factors with Boostberg

A better approach and understanding of the existing and new clients, by connecting different platforms and new and old communication channels 


being competitive and different on a crowded online market

A.I. and digitalisation will play a central role in the development of your company and you have in plan to implement chat bots

you want to keep up with the new communication ways of the new generation of clients

you want to know your clients better and be available 24/7 for them


be able to profile the clients and make hyper-segmentation

automise processes and save time and money by using chat bots in conversations and picking up data automatically from the e-commerce platform

automating internal and external processes

getting relevant suggestions and reports

better and centralised communication with the clients

follow-up of the clients on any communication channel, not being dependent on the initial one

respond in real time to clients' request, on the preferred communication channel

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