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You are in the right place here IF....

You are an HR representative in your company and

you want to take advantage of digitalisation.

You are directly responsible for the employees activities and trainings and

you look for innovative solutions related to career development.

You understand the importance of being G.D.P.R. compliant, but also how important is

to have access to relevant data of the employees.

Success Factors with Boostberg

Employees profiling and relevant information in digital format...


centralised data about employees, containing their documents (CVs, contracts, additional documents, education, licenses (driving licence), etc.) in a digital format

clear profiling of the employees - skills, trainings, education, qualifications, projects involved in

relevant suggestions about employees, with the help A.I.


easy and instant access to employees' profiles (fully or partially)

relevant statistics supported by A.I., including previous, unavailable data

more detailed and better planned trainings for the employees

A.I. is taking over some automatic matching processes to make better suggestions related to trainings at work

a modern way to access employees data from more systems

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