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Omnichannel Communication Boost

Leverage the power of instant messaging

assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

You are in the right place here IF....

You are the manager or of your company and you are interested in

supporting your clients and employees with the modern communication ways.

You are the CDO in your company and you need to assure that your company is

compliant with the new European legislation - G.D.P.R. .

You know that it is important to connect and integrate the

new communication channels with the existing ones.

Success Factors with Boostberg

Integration of all available communication channels, online-offline, internal-external.


to integrate and centralise all clients data

24/7 reaction time to customers' requests based on A.I.

hyper-segmentation of the clients


have one centralized access platform for all communication channels

have the ability to have instant reactions to customers' requests

maximise the customer's engagement

use A.I. and chat bots to support your customer service

use A.I. and B.I to improve the efficiency of sales and marketing departments

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